For this website I've created a grid based on modules, relevant to logo size. Modules are adapted for responsive layout, which can be seen on the structure wire-frames as well as design ideas below. The website content such as client log in options and blog feed has been also adjusted to fit mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to initial grid the blog page gained extra space for advertising purposes as well as extra functionality such as newsletter and embedded form in the main page. Blog navigation suggestions involved a calendar solution with on hover content preview.

  • Typography
  • Web design
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Initial projects:


    Responsive preview:

    Web view
    Tablet view

    certum_brown_themestore final 03
    Mobile view


    Case studies

    Click images below to see more details about the projects. Filter them by date or category with following options:

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    • Alchimionek Branding 2013
    • Alchimionek Website 2013
    • TA Website 2014
    • TA Branding 2014
    • Snap Fashion 2012
    • Certum branding 2014
    • Certum web 2014
    • Santi 2013
    • BBC Broadcasting House 2011
    • Hud branding 2017
    • Hud website 2017
    • Trubrain 2016

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