BBC The Broadcasting House Competition

The BBC competition was an opportunity to create an identity for a new BBC building.We meant to reflect such catch phrases as "coming together" and "transparency". I was inspired with the shape of the building and also with a sculpture within the building. In consequence I have created a typeface based on modules.

  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Illustrator
  • BBC

    Case studies

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    • Alchimionek Branding 2013
    • Alchimionek Website 2013
    • TA Website 2014
    • TA Branding 2014
    • Snap Fashion 2012
    • Certum branding 2014
    • Certum web 2014
    • Santi 2013
    • BBC Broadcasting House 2011
    • Hud branding 2017
    • Hud website 2017
    • Trubrain 2016

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