Developer portfolio website ideas

I have created a set of web designs inspired by 'hud' in the movie Oblivion and the game 'Need for speed no limits'. The first website consists of infographics about developers performance. The second idea is helmet view like in "The martian" movie and contains life reading info.

  • Web design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Case studies

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  • Alchimionek Branding 2013
  • Alchimionek Website 2013
  • TA Website 2014
  • TA Branding 2014
  • Snap Fashion 2012
  • Certum branding 2014
  • Certum web 2014
  • Santi 2013
  • BBC Broadcasting House 2011
  • Hud branding 2017
  • Hud website 2017
  • Trubrain 2016

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